Introduction of various plastic packaging knowledge


1. Aseptic packaging: the sterilized food is packed in a sterile environment and sealed in a sterilized container, so that it can have a long shelf life without preservatives and refrigeration.

2. Moisture proof packaging: divided into two categories. One is to prevent the package from losing moisture, the other is to absorb moisture. The former can prevent the moisture in the package from discharging out through high barrier packaging materials, while the latter can add desiccant, a high hygroscopic material, into the package.

3. Cooking bag: a kind of food bag made of flexible composite material. The food in the bag is sterilized in autoclave for a short time. Before eating, the bag can be heated in boiling water.
4. Transparent packaging: packaging in which all or part of the contents can be seen through transparent packaging materials.
5. Shrink packing: a method of wrapping a product or package with shrink film and then heating to shrink the film.
6. Vacuum packaging: the product is packed into airtight packaging container, and the air inside the container is removed to make the sealed container reach the predetermined vacuum degree.
7. Inflatable packaging: the product is packed into airtight packaging container, and nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases are used to replace the original air in the container.
8. Quick frozen packaging: the package that can store the contents of frozen products for a long time under the condition of cold storage by using freeze-resistant and moisture-resistant packaging materials and quick-frozen technology.
9. Chain self sealing bag: plastic film bag which can be repeatedly sealed and opened through the convex edge and groove at the opening when the contents are filled or taken out.
10. GMP: the production quality management standard issued by the food and Drug Administration of the United States, which is called the production quality management specification of drug packaging and printing materials in China.
11. Mouth bag: a hard mouth made by adding a capped high-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) to the bag (usually a self-supporting bag). According to the different installation position, it can be divided into vertical installation type and inclined opening installation type.