What are the requirements for the characteristics of drug packaging


As a special commodity, medicines need not to be packed when they are put in place. Pharmaceutical packaging has the most contact with drugs, and pharmaceutical packaging also has different requirements. What are the different requirements?

Safety, medicine packaging can well protect the drug in the process of storage and use from the impact of the environment, maintain the original properties of the drug; can protect the quality and safety of the drug in moisture-proof and safety.

Rejection: there will be no chemical and biological reactions between the medicine package and the drug package; different drugs and different packaging materials will have different reactions in the compatibility test, so it is necessary to avoid reactions in the compatibility test of drugs and packaging.

Stability, medicine packaging itself has good stability in the process of storage and use. Drug packaging from the material design, the use process will not occur rupture, deformation, etc., with good quality stability.

Environmental protection, pharmaceutical packaging will not pollute the pharmaceutical production environment when wrapping drugs; the use of chemically stable raw materials in drug packaging will not cause reaction to drugs during the use process, resulting in the decline of drug quality.

Non interference, pharmaceutical packaging will not be able to eliminate in the process of use of the drug packaging has an impact.